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Rovello 18 was born from an old family tradition. In 1950 the founder Pierino gave his guests a simple menu of local dishes according to the regional foods and seasonal produce; that’s why he was awarded a well-deserved Michelin Star identification.

Later, Pierino’s daughter Patrizia, carried on Rovello’s tradition of good food. Who ever had the pleasure of meeting her remembers the perfect combination of fresh, delicious ingredients, always the best in her dishes, and the wonderful hospitality that she offered. Her home was always full of great typical dishes such as lasagna,coniglio al forno,etc.

Patrizia’s daughter, Cinzia, turned this passion for cooking into a job again, as her grandfather had many years ago. In 1988 she opened her first restaurant and also worked as a talented and appreciated chef there.

In 2002 Cinzia embarked on a new adventure: with Gualtiero, partner in life and noted wine connoisseur, she opened the Rovello 18 restaurant where wonderful recipes were accompanied with one of the best wine selections you can find in Milan.

Michele, Cinzia’s son, also grew up with the passion for this kind of life, spending his early youth in the family restaurant. Determined and talented, in just a few years he was already leading the Trattoria with success and professionality.

Nowadays Rovello 18 is recognized as one of the best trattoria in Italy thanks to the exquisite ingredients and the great selection of over 800 wines.

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